God’s Peace

Proverbs 3:1-17

The studies that I have done on God’s peace are always enlightening because they serve to help adjust my understanding of what God’s peace is.  For example, it is easy for me to think that in order to experience God’s peace I must have no problems, no challenges, everything is working perfectly, and I don’t have a worry in my heart.  However, I have experienced God’s peace in the midst of difficult times when things were not going right, and my heart was crying out to Him.  And so, from a personal experience… I would say God’s peace is almost like a feeling that you are held by God, He is lifting you up and carrying you despite anything that is going on.  It is almost like this confidence that is not mustered up by your own ability, but the Holy Spirit dwelling in you.  And the feeling can give you energy and joy in the midst of anything.  I can experience God’s peace while having the calmest day or the most gut-wrenching difficult day.  

Dig Deeper: When I think about the difficult days where I experienced God’s peace, I know my focus had a major shift. Instead of looking at the the looming clouds, the churning waves, and the ominous rocks ahead, I shifted my focus to God. Proverbs 3 has wonderful wisdom for us on where we need to shift our focus… even when we feel like we don’t have it in us. When we keep God’s word and promises tucked away in our hearts, in times of trouble they serve as life vests. Verse 3 says: “Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck and write them on the tablets of your heart.” What a beautiful” reminder on where our focus needs to be!

Verse 13-17 give us wonderful reminders of the blessings we have in putting our trust and focus in God. In the midst of our storms, we can experience His perfect peace: “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.” Proverbs 3:17

Reflect: Spend time meditating on Proverbs 3. Think about the trust you place in God. Is it easy? If you struggle, why do you think it is? Pray the words of this passage to help you understand and ask God to help you to lean on His understanding. Believe in His grace for times we doubt and need reassurance. Focus on Him and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with peace.

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