The Heavens Declare

Psalm 19

Psalm 19 starts in such a beautiful way… The heavens declare the glory of God.   In the spring, I love walking at sunset because of the beauty of the sky.  The path I take leads me out of my neighborhood to a very large park.  There are mostly soccer fields in this park and so not many trees, but it’s such an open area that I love it.  I am able to really gaze at the fullness of a sunset or the different cloud formation. 

There is just something about getting out and looking at the sky.  For the past couple of weeks, we have all been at home during this shelter in place.  I have to admit, it is easy to feel a little anxiousness at current events.  And on the first warm day, I went for a walk on my normal route through the park.  Just being out and looking up at the sky makes it so very easy to relate to the psalmist.  My thoughts of worry and concern turned to encouragement and peace. It was like I heard God’s words speaking to my heart. The psalmist goes on to mention more observations where the earth proclaims the glory of God.  God’s handiwork reveals His character.  God communicates His word through His creation. 

Dig Deeper:  As read Psalm 19, focus on how the psalmist describes the value of God’s word.  What does the psalmist say about how we should value God’s word?  How does obedience factor in?

Reflect:  What about creation reminds you of God’s Word?  How can you show value of God’s Word in your daily life?

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