The Lord is My Banner

Monday, April 6, 2020

Read Numbers 1 & 2

This week, I want to talk about how God has His banner over us.  This banner has significance for us in a couple of ways.  First, let’s look at how God’s banner identifies us as His people.

I am reminded of this past summer I attended a national youth event with our church.  22,000 youth and leaders were all together in Minneapolis.  I loved looking out at the stadium where we worshiped seeing all these groups sitting together with their leaders.  With so many people, it would be understandable to be lost in a crowd.  But leaders were prepared for this potential scenario!  On poles, each group made some type of banner to wave high above the crowd.  Some had fun colorful flags. Others made shapes of the states they were from.  A taco, funny hats, a blowup pig, etc. were used to hold up high so no one would get lost.  Fun memories!

The use of banners was common in the Old Testament.  Banners were used to identify the twelve tribes of Israelites when Moses led them out of Egypt.  If you read Numbers 1 and 2, God instructed His people to camp together according to their tribe and to use banners as a way to identify which tribe they belonged to.  It helped them stay together when they traveled so no one would be separated from their group.

As God led the Israelites in the wilderness, he set a cloud before them to lead them so that no one would be lost or separated.  This cloud ensured the Israelites of His presence.  In many ways His presence was a banner over His people. This cloud spontaneously appeared and lifted, and at night it had the appearance of fire.  It also reminded them that they were His people and His covenant with them that He would never abandon them as He continued to guide them.

Reflect:  How does God’s Word guide you and give you hope?  How does His Word remind you of His promises?  

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