He Leads Me

Friday, April 3, 2020

Psalm 23

I have to admit, I like to know “what the plan is” when it comes to things.  I don’t mind being random or spontaneous or short-term meandering, but when it comes to work, projects, and well, life in general I need to know the direction I’m headed.  If I know the plan, I can take it as slow as it needs, step by step, and even wait.  So it’s been a life lesson for me to trust God with the future plans when they don’t seem as clear to me as I would like. Learning to trust each of my steps to His perfect leading.

I was talking with some friends last night; we had a Zoom get-together and we all talked about the uncertainty we are facing as to when life will return to normal.  We were discussing how difficult it is for us to plan ahead in so many areas.  And I realized that this was something I was being challenged within a couple of areas.  My coping has been to temporarily plan till I know what we can plan.  It’s not a bad idea, but it can cause worry and concern because no one knows what to plan.  

Dig Deeper: Psalm 23:3 shares that we are led to “paths of righteousness.”  Just like a shepherd knew the best, safest paths to guide his sheep, God will always choose the best path to leads us.  It is not in His character to lead us into trouble or danger.  As you continue to read this chapter, we see that He promises to protect us during that walk. Remember, we are walking through a fallen world.  Sin has manifested and corrupted so many things and the consequences continue to ripple out and affect the people of this world.  God saved us through His Son, Jesus Christ so that we may have eternal life.  But while we are here on earth, we will encounter trouble.  These passages in Psalm 23 are so important because they reminds us that we are not alone when trouble meets us on our paths.  I think about the shepherds who encountered danger on the path with their sheep.  They protected those sheep with their “rod and their staff.”  God, our Shepherd, not only guides us, but he protects us.

Reflect: How does this passage speak to this truth that we can trust our comfort and safety when we feel unsure about the future?  How do these words encourage you?

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