He Sees Me In The Valley

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is a passage that is familiar to many. He brings comfort and reminders for people during difficult times. I mostly hear this passage read at funerals for those who grieve. When we are in the midst of grief, it’s a process and walk through a dark valley. I’ve been there first hand and so I understand this walk. We grieve many things besides missed loved ones. We grieve during transitions of life or the end of something such as a job, a relationship, etc. When we grieve it’s hard to see the road ahead to a better day. It’s often like walking under grey gloomy clouds waiting for them to part and let the sun shine once more.

David faced many difficult challenges and he grieved the loss of relationships, positions, etc. I think about how he had to leave his friend Jonathan. Being pushed into exile in order to stay safe from King Saul. Later in life he was challenged by poor decisions that led to sin and disappointment of family and friends. And so when we read his writings in the psalms, we know that he is speaking from experiences that brought disappointment, despair, and other strong emotions. Yet, in those moments David knew he could call upon the Lord and put his trust in Him. He knew that God saw him in each of his moments of difficulty. Psalm 23:4 says: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your staff and your rod comfort me.” What a beautiful reminder of Hope when there seems like there is despair, there is Light when we feel in the dark, and there is God’s presence when we feel alone. The staff and rod is the reminder of God as our shepherd – always watching and ever mindful of us.

Dig Deeper: Read through Psalm 23. What are some of the ways that God our shepherd cares for us. Two themes are apparent in this passage: Provision and Renew. What ways does God provide for us? In what ways are we renewed?

Reflect: Think about how David uses the words, “Restore my soul.” This is a testimony to how God replenishes us and make us whole once again. What are some areas can you identify where God may help replenish and restore you in spirit? Spend time in prayer offering up these areas where you wish for Him to restore once again.

2 thoughts on “He Sees Me In The Valley

  1. We are certainly walking in the shadow during this pandemic. Even though many are in denial, many are also sacrificing themselves to help others. It’s a good time to face up to our own mortality; it’s been a good opportunity for my husband and I to discuss our end of life wishes, knowing it’s a very real possibility that we could be affected. We do not fear this evil. So many people have offered their help should we need it. We are definitely not in want. I am hoping that some relationships will be restored and renewed.


  2. I love your blog today. I want to share that I had an aha moment several years ago when I realized that, in most translations of Psalm 23:1 to 3, David refers to God in the third person (He); but in verse 4 David transitions to the second person (You). I believe using You, after going through and surviving the valley of the shadow of death, makes David’s relationship with God more personal, like in John 3:16, going from understanding that God sent His Son to save the world, to God sent His Son to save me. Will ask Pastor Marty sometime about what pronoun is actually used in Hebrew.


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