He Sees You

Monday, March 30, 2020

Genesis 16 & 17

We know that God is everywhere. He is watching over His creation and that means He is watching over each one of us. He sees each of us in a way no one else can.  Let that just sink in a minute.  God sees you, right where you are.  He knows your situation.  He knows your heart.  For me, even though I am flawed and feel like a mess sometimes, I love that He sees past that.  He sees me.  He sees you. He sees our potential, beauty, and needs.  That is comforting to know.  

Take time today and just read Genesis 16 & 17.  This story about Abram, Sarai, and Hagar could really be on a reality TV show.  It is a story about people trying to manipulate situations for good outcomes.  The bible is not about perfect people.  And they were far from it, yet God chose Abram and Sarai, and even Hagar to work good in and through them for generations to come.  They were undeserving, but God blest them.  He saw past those flaws and the mess they made. 

Dig Deeper:  As you read through these passages, take a piece of paper and turn it horizontally.  Make 4 columns on it.  Write Abram at the top of the first column.  Write Sarai at the top of the second column. Write Hagar at the top of the third column.  And the fourth column?  Well, that’s for you – so write your name at the top of that one.  As you read, write down emotions or needs that these individuals were feeling during this time.  After you are done reading, take a minute and really look at each column. How did God see them and meet their needs?  Now think about you, your story, what are different emotions and needs you have experienced?  How has God seen you and met your needs during those times?  

Reflect:  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by our circumstances, our initial reaction might not be the best.  Hagar ran away and found herself in a place of wilderness.  Today, a place of wilderness might be an overloaded schedule, staying away from church, distancing our self from relationships, quitting something, etc.  What has been your wilderness? What reminders can you use to help you be reminded of God’s intentional care for you?

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