Comfort in the Creator

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Psalm 104

God created our universe and everything in it. When you look at the details of His creation – which are complex and innumerable – you cannot miss the intentionality and purpose of His designs.

As I write this, our world feels like it is in crisis with this pandemic. I find myself drawn to watch the news, to hear changes, new precautions, and any word of hope. Last night, I found myself looking for positive reports just to dissipate some of the uncertainty I think we all have been feeling. Finally, after watching the evening news, I took a walk. It felt good to be outside and see that signs of spring are starting to appear. I know many of us connect to nature. Me, too. And my connection to it is always a reminder of God, our Creator. The same Creator that thought of every detail in creation that even scientists are still unlocking their discoveries, is our God who cares for every detail of our life. I take comfort that.

Today, take time to read Psalm 104 and meditate on the words. Focus on God’s power in His creation. As you read, notice how God provides and cares for His creation. Remember, you are His creation. He will provide and care for you.

2 thoughts on “Comfort in the Creator

  1. Loving that you turned us to Psalm 104. Am going to meditate on it again later today as I more and more realize the seriousness of the pandemic and need to be confident of His care for us day by day.


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