God, Our Creator

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Read Acts 17:24-27; Psalm 8:3-9; Isaiah 40:26

There’s a poster that I remember seeing where it seemed to have maybe a hundred names that God is called or referred to in the Bible.  You’ve probably seen something similar in a poster or a picture, too.  As I write, I am recalling the names that I have seen…  Counselor, Teacher, Father, Alpha & Omega, Protector, Lord of Lords, etc.  All throughout scripture, people have called God different names to describe His character and how He relates to His people. 

When we take time to learn and study these names, God reveals Himself to us.  Wendy shares, “The more deeply we explore our God, the more we are able to move beyond simply knowing about Him to truly knowing Him.”  In her study, she selects several names in Hebrew that have been used in the Bible.  We will be looking at some of those names each week.  This week, we will look at the name “Elohim” (pronounced el-o-heem) which refers to God who created us.

Elohim is first used in Genesis 1.  “In the beginning God created.”  We are familiar with this passage.  But sometimes due to its familiarity we become numb to the significance.  Think about how God acted “freely and intentionally with each word He spoke.”  Everything was created intentionally and for a purpose.  We are part of God’s creation – we cannot minimize how we were each created with intentionality and for a purpose. 

Dig Deeper: Read Acts 17:24-27; Psalm 8:3-9; Isaiah 40:26. What in these passages affirms and confirms that God is the Creator?

Reflect:  What in God’s creation fills you with awe and wonder?  That when you see this creation you are filled with confidence in God’s existence?  His power?  His love?

One thought on “God, Our Creator

  1. These verses are all full of wonder and praise – He is the Creator, no questions asked. He even has named every star (wonder if the names are close to what the astronomers have named the ones we know about?) Back when we camped in Central Illinois and it was really, really dark at night, the sky was amazingly full of sparkling stars – almost incomprehensible. The reliability and beauty of sunrises and sunsets. Also, the amazing way the parts of the human body work together – and when they don’t, repairing one part may help the whole body function again (maybe not perfectly, but well enough to feel like a loved child of God).


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